to the 

World of ONE

We are rebel lighting designers on a mission to ASCEND illumination to the next level.


ASCENTI specializes in high ambitions and out-of-the-box concepts... 

 that ONE THING no one else dares to tackle.

Our fellow rebel clients are ultra-creatives who envision a
singular luminous experience.

Evocative.    Unforgettable.    Instagram-worthy.

ASCENTI develops your revolutionary luminaire design into reality.
Convoluted contours? lntegrated art?
Unusual materials? Intricate installation?
No problem.

While conventional lighting companies flee from
your unconventional project > 


What’s your  World of ONE?



Our clients choose ASCENTILighting because they trust us to perform the impossible.

ENTHUSIASTIC TEAM   >   We love collaborating with fellow rebel designers! Your ONE exceptional idea is backed by our team of passionate lighting designers, LED experts, electrical and mechanical engineers, architects and project managers.

CIRCADIAN-SAFE™ ILLUMINATION   >   We don’t just buy LEDs, we engineer them. Our in-house team has developed a cutting-edge, Circadian-Safe™ chip that attains the highest CRI available. 
In. The. WORLD.

WHOLE PROJECT SERVICES   >   As a Lighting Services Company, we can save you time, money and headaches by packaging an entire job. From that ONE feature fixture… to standard product (illuminated mirrors, downlights, linear lighting and more)… our mission is to simplify your total lighting strategy.

POSITIVE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE   >   Delivered with authenticity.

EXCEED EXPECTATIONS   >   If you aren’t delighted with the result, we’ll fix it. No questions… no upcharges.

While the lighting industry takes a time-out, we are ALL-IN  >  WE ASCEND.