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ASCENTI Lighting specializes in bringing WORLD-class service to your custom lighting needs, turning your revolutionary luminaire design into reality. 

Where every ONE project is important.

Welcome to the World of One.



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Luminaire + LED



We are ASCENTILighting, an evolutionary brand with a desire to align our services with our growing passion for the human-centric lighting aspects of hospitality, architectural, and high-end residential markets.

Our Focus >  ASCENTI is in constant pursuit of crafting unique products, applying the latest technologies, and perfecting the LED spectrum. We progress lighting design within the context of delivering exquisite illumination solutions, with an emphasis on LED health and wellness considerations. 

Our Result  >  Inspired to develop products that offer the purest form of LED light available in support of our biological circadian rhythms, we engineered a Circadian-Safe™ LED system… the first of its kind. What is Circadian-Safe™? Read more…



ASCENTI is the brainchild of a couple of crazy designers and a highly successful custom lighting manufacturer who have melded into a single, synergistic energy source that emits pure light.
We are rebel designers on a mission to ascend lighting to the next level.  We will not settle for what the lighting industry tells us is achievable. When they say it can’t be done or it’s too complicated… we say,
“LET’S DO THIS!” We love joining forces with fellow rebel designers inspired to push boundaries.


We chose our name ASCENTI  (Verb. Plural form of ascendente, to ascend, to climb, to advance) to describe our continuous efforts to reach that next level, to pursue higher innovation. Since we are big adventurers at heart and love to spend time in nature, whether sailing oceans or trekking mountain tops, we identified with the name ASCENTILighting. It unites our unique corporate character with our lofty ambition to advance the lighting industry towards a higher purpose, a greater attention on health and wellness.

We believe in embracing relationships across the planet. Our global partners include LED industry leaders, artists, engineers, architects, lighting designers, interior designers, and a network of sophisticated material suppliers. With access to the world’s best vendors, we have the ability to work in any medium, at any scale…stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminum, resin, acrylic, wood, glass, fabrics, you name it. We even know a local glass-blowing artisan! Through our comprehensive talent base, we’ll transform your design concept into reality. 

We don't stop at BUILD. Our mantra is DESIGN > BUILD > ASCEND. So we go to great lengths to run that extra mile...and a half. Under that premise, we take pride in our ability to provide the following services:

World of One Custom Luminaire Design/Build

Lighting Design - Single Solutions or Whole Project

Circadian Rhythm Consultation

Circadian-Safe Certification

Custom LED Engine Engineering

Project Planning/Management

Project Procurement/Delivery

Lighting Submittals

Photometric Studies


Our objective is to make your job easier. Questions? Concerns? Clarifications? No problem.
Our ASCENTILighting Project Management team is always here to help.
Please email quotes@ascentilighting.com.


World-of-One Design

What is Circadian-Safe™?

We are inextricably tuned to the rhythm of the sun. In fact, our bodies scientifically need natural light to function properly. So, while most people think in terms of healthy eating or exercise, we think in terms of healthy lighting.

Our ASCENTI lighting designers are 20-year-veterans educated in the effects that artificial lighting has on our circadian rhythm. And we’ve tenaciously striven to develop the purest form of LED light in pursuit of “doing no harm” to our own internal operating systems. After years of research and diligence, we are now as close as man can get to the color rendering index of natural sunlight (100CRI). Our patented Vivio™ LED board is specifically designed with both blue emission and violet emission chips resulting in the negation of the typical LED blue spike on the photopic spectrum known to influence our circadian systems. This is particularly significant news for those designing environments concerning sleep (or lack thereof): hotels, casinos, hospitals and high-end residential, even 3rd shift manufacturing… anywhere employees, patients or visitors may benefit from less exposure to blue LED light. Learn more…



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