We are inextricably tuned to the rhythm of the sun. In fact, our bodies scientifically need natural light to function properly.

In this age of artificial LED lighting, how can we take steps to mitigate LED blue light exposure?

How can we become Circadian-Safe?

Why don't we as a society think in terms of Healthy Lighting? Safe Lighting?

The universal concern for healthy food, air and water are crucial to sustaining life. But the quality of light that we are subject to on a daily basis affects our health so significantly, it should be a top concern for all humans. Appropriate light levels, accurate color rendering, and especially controlling/negating the effects of blue light emission, affects our work, our play and especially our sleep cycles. 

At ASCENTILighting, our mission is to advance the concept of healthy lighting... to create products that work with our our circadian rhythm, not against it.  Our lighting designers are 20-year-veterans educated in the effects that artificial lighting has on our circadian rhythm. They have dedicated years of research and tenaciously striven to develop the purest form of LED light in pursuit of “doing no harm” to our own internal operating systems.


And our passion has resulted in achievement! A breakthrough LED product that is... Circadian-Safe™.


After years of research and diligence, we are now as close as man can get to the color rendering index of natural sunlight (100CRI). Our patented Vivio™ LED board is specifically designed with both blue emission and violet emission chips, resulting in the negation of the typical LED blue spike on the photopic spectrum known to influence our circadian systems. This is particularly significant news for those designing environments concerning sleep (or lack thereof): hotels, casinos, hospitals, elder-care facilities, airports and high-end residential, even 3rd shift manufacturing… anywhere employees, patients or visitors may benefit from less exposure to blue LED light.






In this video, our friend and illumination expert, George Bosson of Be Light Consulting, describes the effect of blue LED light on our circadian rhythm and the health benefits of regulating our exposure.