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Augmented Reality Custom Lighting

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ASCENTI A/R provides a quick and easy solution for architects and designers to keep lighting projects moving forward. Learn how we are using ASCENTI A/R in our submittal process today!


View Custom Fixtures in Real-Time

Visualize, share and present your custom

World Of One fixture to clients in real-time,

thanks to ASCENTI's state-of-the-art A/R capabilities.


 Our team is ready to help you create a truly inspirational World of One luminaire. 

Get Inspired

  • Apply our ASCENTI A/R file to your office space, home or landscape

  • Take a screenshot to share with clients and colleagues or add to a presentation

  • View the A/R via a Zoom meeting

  • Ensure your World of One meets your vision, before final specification



Enhanced Submittal Process

Approve submittals faster than ever! View ASCENTI's A/R submittal file from the convenience of your home office. Or take an iPad to the job site if visualizing scale in the intended space is desired (as with this chandelier example). Easily adjust a fixture's scale and placement with your fingers on any Apple device.


What's your World of One?

Are you working on a project with custom lighting and would like assistance with visualization? Complete the form below to receive one-on-one attention from one of our talented team members.

Contact Us

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