Augmented Reality Custom Lighting

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ASCENTI A/R provides a quick and easy solution for architects and designers to keep lighting projects moving forward. It also helps them meet deadlines during and after the coronavirus health crisis. Let us show you how we are using ASCENTI A/R in our submittal process today!

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View Custom Fixtures in Real-Time

Eliminate the need to visit project sites in person.

Visualize your custom World Of One fixture from any room in real-time, thanks to ASCENTI's state-of-the-art A/R capabilities. Easily adjust a fixture's size and placement with your fingers on any Apple device to ensure exact specifications for every room.

Get Inspired

Explore designs for future projects with ASCENTI A/R. Request a file of an existing fixture and then apply it to your space to see if the sizing and structure is what you envisioned. Enlarge or minimize to scale.

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Enhance Customer Communication

Share and present custom lighting designs to clients in real-time. There's no need to travel to showrooms or warehouses to experience our products in action. View and approve submittals faster than ever!





What's your World of One?

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